Who can participate in The Essentials of Christian Initiation (ECI)?

ECI is designed for anyone who requires a basic understanding of Christian initiation ministry, including all those on a parish staff. This includes liturgy committee members, RCIA coordinators and team members, new and experienced initiation ministers, as well as those who seek a deeper understanding of how the Church welcomes and initiates Catholic Christians.

What is the structure and content of ECI?

ECI sessions will provide a basic and thorough introduction to the Church's vision of Christian intiation. The ritual text, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is the foundation and starting point of each session. Both the practical skills and theology will be discussed throughout the course. The course is offered over six, 90-minute sessions.

In what format is ECI offered?

ECI is offered virtually periodically throughout the year and will consist of six 90-minute sessions. Participants will be expected to read articles and/or watch videos between the weekly sessions. The sessions are conducted through the interactive Adobe Connect Platform. Participants will engage in open discussion and reflection throughout the presentation and will gain an effective and enriching formation experience in which they not only learn from the presenter, but from one another as well. Participants in the online course will receive access to a special website where they will have access to special downloads, videos, and a class forum/blog.

What do I need to know about taking the online version of this course?

Click here to download a PDF document with important information about the course. To familiarize you with the virtual platform, LTP has created this document to walk you through the various steps. Please read this before attending your course. It may also be a helpful reference when enrolled in the course.

Will I be awarded a certificate upon completion?

Upon request, LTP is able to provide a record of attendance for participants indicating the times a participant is logged in to a live session. Additionally, dioceses may choose to use the ECI training course toward their own certification programs.

What if I miss a session?

All sessions will be recorded. If you miss a week or two, a link to the recording will be posted on the online classroom forum. All links will expire one week following the last session. As a reminder, watching a recorded session will not appear on your record of attendance.

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